The final piece of the puzzle is oxidation and chronic inflammation. With age, free radicals from the high brain use of oxygen, accumulate in the dog’s brain, causing oxidative stress. This stress produces a state of chronic inflammation which progressively damages the brain. So we add a mix of the best antioxidants to ON!

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are composed of many different kinds of particles. To be successful, especially in maintaining brain function into very old age, any supplement nutrient mix for brain function must contain a wide variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories suited to canines that can work to combat a wide variety of different chemical entities.

Preferably, these should be pleotropic nutrients, which perform other tasks as well for brain function, and which also have synergistic actions with each other. We spent a long time researching and selecting the best mix of antioxidants to put in ON! They include n-acetyl cysteine, a precursor that increases production of the major endogenous antioxidant glutathione, and methyl-sulphonyl-methane, a great source of the essential anti-inflammatory mineral sulfur.

They also include the most powerful polyphenol antioxidants, bacopa monieri, curcumin, astaxanthin, pterostilbene, cinnamon, ginger, berberine, epigallocatechin-gallate, and ashwagandha (9,34). 9 Colgan M. Save Your Brain. Vancouver: Science Books, 2008.

34. Colgan M The Anti-inflammatory Athlete. Vancouver, Science Books, 2012.

Finally we add a supporting mix of vitamin and mineral co-factors to ON!, including a B-vitamin complex, with folate in the right form of 5-methyl-tetra-hydro-folate, plus vitamins C, D, and E, plus selenium in the right form of selenomethionine.
That’s most of ON! without giving away a few of our secrets that will greatly help your dog. We prefer to keep these to ourselves, so that other companies don’t feel the temptation to try to appropriate them.



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