Our mission and promise:

We will give your pet a happier, healthier, and longer life. We are dedicating ourselves to creating the best canine health products you can buy.

Our Team

We are based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. And all our products are designed, developed, and tested in Canada where we adhere to the most stringent pet food quality controls in the world. At AlphaDog, we all come to work every day because we want to solve some of the biggest problems in pet care. Pet owners don’t know what supplements to buy for their dog, how to train them properly, or even what to feed them. There tends to be a lot of confusion in the market due to the lack of transparency by most of the “top brands”. Pet owners aren’t sure what is science and what is marketing. Our mission and promise to you: we will give your pet a happier, healthier, and longer life. We have dedicated ourselves to creating the best canine health products on the market. Today we provide the most scientifically validated products for your pet. Science. Not marketing.

We specialize in optimizing your dog’s potential by formulating products that you and your dogs are going to love. We have some of the Top Dogs in the nutrition industry who have extensive expertise in nutritional sciences, advanced supplementation, cognitive enhancement and the inhibition of aging. We believe owning a dog is a lifestyle and helping your dogs live happier and more fulfilling lives is our commitment to you and your furry friends.

Dr. Michael Colgan, PhD - Master Formulator

Dr. Michael Colgan, PhD - Master Formulator

Dr. Michael Colgan PhD is an internationally renowned research scientist and prolific author of many bestselling books related to optimal health, advanced athletic nutrition, cognitive function, and life extension.  He is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in nutrition, exercise and the inhibition of aging.  He is educated at the Universities of Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand, as well as Rockefeller University in New York City. He is a fellow member of American College of Nutrition. He holds consulting positions for many government regulatory agencies.With over many decades of expertise, he is a living example of the power of nutritional sciences. Dr. Michael Colgan and his wife Lesley Colgan have bred, trained and loved dogs their entire adult lives. They have dedicated the last 40 years of their lives to the research and improvement of canine health, nutrition and longevity.

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Tamara Colgan - CEO & Director

Tamara Colgan - CEO & Director

Tamara Colgan is currently the CEO and director of CI Nutrition Sciences Ltd. Upon receiving her BCom in 2012 from McGill University in Montreal, she took her current position in 2014. The company specializes in anti-aging, performance and nutrition the  retail e-commerce space with physical and information-based products. In 2017, Tamara became CEO for Alpha Dog Technologies, a canine nutrition start-up with cutting edge formulations. She is actively involved in the financial sector and loves investing in innovative projects.

Tamara has a passion for performance, Longevity, and nutrition, In 2016, she completed her personal training and health coach certificates from the American Council on Exercise and has competed and coached others for competitive bodybuilding.

Tamara has a passion for local philanthropy and community improvement projects and is an organizer for several women’s groups in Vancouver. She worked with two local charities, A Better Life Foundation and for the 2017-2018 year sat on the advisory board of Healthy Heroes, a charity that addresses food insecurity in our community.

Wendy Johannson – Director

Ms. Wendy Johannson has 29 years of public and private market experience in a variety of industries. Wendy’s business background includes extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry directing national sales and marketing teams in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Europe and working with supply chain and investment partners overseas.

Wendy served as a Project Manager at Canadian Nexus Ventures Ltd. (“CNV”) and focused her broad business background on new mining ventures as part of the CNV team. Wendy managed 3 privately held mineral claims to achieve small mines permits and licenses and the mines were successfully sold to a private investment group.  

Wendy’s knowledge of distribution allows her to leverage sales opportunities through retail, wholesale and online sales channel strategies and has worked with luxury brands such as Masco Corporation, KWC America and most recently, is employed with Blu Bathworks as Director of Sales & Marketing, North America. 

In 2008, Wendy Co-Founded Dig It Apparel and negotiated a deal in 2010 with Kevin O’Leary to elevate and grow a start-up glove business. Wendy was nominated as Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the year in 2011. Currently, Wendy collaborates with the glove industry leader, Watson Gloves, to leverage her experience in this product category. 

Michael Hopkinson – Director

Michael is a U.S. licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of New Hampshire.  Michael has over 20 years of U.S. tax and public company experience.  Having spent over 11 years working primarily for Ernst & Young, Chartered Accountants (one of the accounting industry’s “Big Four” accounting firms), Michael’s extensive lies in the mining, pharmaceutical and real estate business sectors.  Having served as CFO on numerous pubic companies, including Guerrero Exploration Ltd., QuikFlo Technology, 1933 Industries Ltd. and The Weekend Unlimited Inc. (for which Michael is currently the CFO), Michael adds particular value and insight in the US-Canada cross-border financial and tax reporting arenas.  Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Michael is now resident in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Warren Fetigan – Director

Warren Fetigan is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager for RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities.  With approximately 30 years of experience managing equity and fixed income portfolios, Warren brings an extensive knowledge of the capital markets to his position at RBC Wealth.

 After completing a business programme at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Warren began his career as an equity derivatives trader with Levesque Beaubien.  He later returned to Simon Fraser University (SFU) to complete his Bachelor Business Administration degree with a focus on finance and economics.  Upon completion, Warren joined HSBC and their fixed income derivatives team in Toronto.  He then moved from trading and risk management to discretionary investment management when he joined TD Trust Private Investment Management and has continued to serve a select group of clients for the past 12 years at RBC Wealth. In addition to being a graduate from BCIT and SFU, Warren is a CFA.

Karen Johnson – Director

Karen has 7 years of experience in the financial services industry. Karen moved into telecommunications in 2017 and adds value through her insights into customer experience and enablement strategy. Karen holds an Economics degree from the University of British Columbia and an MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation. Currently specializing in value generation and change management, Karen strives to elevate product and project return-of-investments through better prioritization, more efficient use of internal and outsourced resources, and above all, through fostering a customer-centric culture. Having grown up in Harare, Zimbabwe, Karen is now a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

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