The mind of your dog

Dr. Colgan breaks down how neurotransmitters your dog’s brain work. He goes into how to boost its energy, improve memory, improve behaviour, and reduce anxiety.

Canine thoughts and emotions

Your dog feels anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, and sorrow. Learn how neurotransmission works. And learn how to regulate negative emotions through nutrition and supplementation.

Anti-oxidants and inflammation

As dogs age, free radicals accumulate in their brain causing oxidative stress. This stress promotes chronic damage to their brain. Learn how to improve and extend your dog’s peak cognition.

Brain nutrition and your dog

What is Neurogenesis? Neuroplasticity? Learn how nutrition and supplements can greatly improve your dog’s brain health and recovery.

Canine energy

Where does your dog get its energy? Find out from Dr. Colgan what the key components are in canine brain function and how the special formulation of Alpha Dog’s flagship product ON! can help.

Your dog’s muscles and bones

Dr Colgan describes Alpha Dog’s next two products: BRAWN! and THRIVE! designed specifically to improve your dog’s bones, muscles, and joints. You will learn how each ingredient activates natural processes in your dog to help it maintain and extend its good health.

Teaching your new pup not to nip

Under the control of their genes, pups grow 28 temporary teeth within three weeks of birth. The same genes direct them to chew and nip constantly to prepare the gums for their 42 adult teeth. These start to replace puppy teeth at about 3 months, and are all grown by about six months.

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